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Managing Multiple Membership Accounts

Separate Memberships and Member Accounts 

Each GAFM certification that you hold requires a separate Membership/Member Account on our website. For example, you hold two certifications -

  1. Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA)
  2. Certified Private Banker (CPB)

Each of these certifications will be listed under your name, however your member profiles will be separate. This is for the following reasons -

  1. Your certifications will be easily searchable by the public when they perform a certification search on our website
  2. We'll be able to notify you of upcoming certification expirations in advance through automated e-mails
  3. You'll be able to renew each of your certifications individually at different dates throughout the year prior to expiration

If you hold only one GAFM certification, you will only have one Member account on our website.

How Member Accounts are Accessed

  • Member accounts are accessed by signing in to the website with a Username and Password
  • Multiple Member Accounts require multiple Usernames and Passwords

Best practices for multiple Usernames and Passwords 

  • Passwords must be 8 or more characters with a combination of letters and at least one number
    • Password examples - password01 or my1password
    • You may use the same password on multiple accounts
  • Usernames may be any combination of letters and numbers with no special characters or spaces except for @
  • E-mail addresses are permitted, therefore you can use the @ sign if desired
    • Username examples - johndoe or  
Multiple Usernames
  • Only one instance of a Username can be used throughout our website, therefore you can't use johndoe more than once, or if another member has already chosen that username

  • You will need to create a different Username for each of your accounts (certifications)
  • For ease of access, make your usernames similar with an identifier for each certification as shown below
    • johndoe1 or johndoeafa for your first certification (AFA)
    • johndoe2 or johndoecbp for your second certification (CPB)

Best Practices for E-mail Addresses 

You may use the same e-mail address for multiple Member Accounts. That way you'll always receive notifications from all of your Member Accounts and certifications. Just be aware that automated messages may be originating from different accounts on our website (your AFA certification or your CPB certification), so pay close attention to which account the e-mail is referencing.

Resetting Your Password

Our site has built-in password reset functionality, so if you've forgotten your username or password use this feature. Your username will appear on the last screen when resetting your password.

In case of difficulty

In the event you encounter any difficulty with account access or certification renewal, please feel free to contact us. Our site administrators will assist you with multiple account management, sign in, etc.


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