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Military Waivers

Military Governmental Educational Advanced Placement Exemptions: Approved by the Board.

Retired Military Officers have provided these Recommendations for membership and certification . These are the military requirements for Certification that are based on two factors: Rank and Position.

If you meet the criteria below, you would be exempt from the training or accredited college degree requirement. As the Military are the original project managers and leaders, the the Academy is proud to recognize Armed Forces and Government Training, Rank and Awards.

Requirements for the Advanced Standing Eligibility for certification:

1) Warrant Officers: W-2 and above: Minimum 2 years in a Leadership Position.

2) Officers of O-2 and above: Minimum 2 years in a Leadership Position.

3) Enlisted E-6 and above: Minimum 2 years experience in a Leadership Position; restricted to BNCOC graduates and above ( BNCOC is Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course; which is where an E-6 is trained thoroughly on their specified job description )

4) Department of Defense: A) High ranking DoD Civilians (GS-14 and above) who have completed the Program Management Course and received a Diploma/Certificate. These individuals are certified by DoD under DAWIA in Finance/Program/Project/Management. B) ALL DoD personnel who have successfully completed the PM Course at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) formally Defense Systems Management College (DSMC).

5) Overseas: Any officer of a military or armed forces from a recognized country under the United Nations with more than 3 years of finance or management experience. Overseas applicants and any and all applicants must provide good faith documentation with application for certification.

6) Instructors and Professors - If you have been qualified to teach   Project Management within the government , then you are automatically qualified to apply for certification.

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