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Certified Cyber Security Economist CCSE
Certified Cyber Security Economist CCSE

Crown your competency in making smarter and strategic decisions about security and IT by using modern decision economic tools, security measures and cyber performance analytics to facilitate cyber security decisions, cyber security reporting, cyber security execution and cyber security governance.

Certified Cyber Security Economist (CCSE) is a professional designation from the GAFM. CCSE are modern cybersecurity decision engineers for today and tomorrow's world.

The present reality of cyber security is complex and the complexity must be embraced for better informed cyber security decisions and actions that are ready for uncertain tomorrow. The economics of cyber security holds the key.

- CCSE have sound understanding of the economics of cybersecurity as a systems discipline, from security policies (modelling what ought to be protected) to mechanisms (how to implement the protection goals).

- CCSE know how to design security metrics to capture information security issues.

- CCSE have competency in designing effective policies to enhance and maintain cyber security which must take into account a complex set of incentives facing not only the providers and users of the Internet and computer software, but also those of potential attackers


GAFM is a TUV Accredited ISO Certified Standards Body. ISO 9001 Certified for Quality, ISO 29990 Certified for Educational Standards and the very latest ISO 21001: 2018 Certified for Management Systems for Educational Organizations.

CCSE will find employment opportunities in various learning and forward looking financial and non-financial organizations.

For full details:
Please contact the CCSE GAFM Accreditation and Certification Global Program Director:

Dir. Samuel Temitope Apanisile
GAFM Nigeria Bureau
GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ®
Box 293
1670F East Cheyenne Mtn. Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906