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Trademark Agreements
GAFM ™- Co-Existence Agreements with CFA/&CFP

Counselor Mentz successfully negotiates with CFA-Insttute and the CFP-Board
1) GAFM accepts CFP™ Board of Standards co-existence trademark agreement November 8th, 2002
GAFM body reaches co-existence agreement with CFP™ Board Worldwide. MFP Master Financial Professional™ , RFA Registered Financial Analyst™, and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™ Designations are agreed upon for AAFM global use and will become Worldwide Financial Designations. GAFM  is an independent self regulatory financial organization, but it was agreed that there would be no objection by CFP™ to the Academy's use, registration or proliferation of the marks MFP Master Financial Professional or RFA Registered Financial Analyst ™, and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™ if used. 


In November, an older GAFM designation - Char. Fin. Prof. Designation & Trademark was abandoned by the academy at the request of the FP Board in consideration of the agreement. All member holders were notified by email of the agreement and the substitution of MFP Master Financial Professional is posted prominently on website. Throughout negotiations CFP lawyers had no objection to the Academy's ownership and use of CWM, CPM, CRA, CPM, CTEP, RFS, CAM or other board designations offered.


2) GAFM Academy of Financial Management and AIMR CFA Institute Agreement - Notice
The GAFM AAFM Board and the CFA Institute Association for Investment Management & Research have reached a global trademark and co-existence agreement.  Jan. 7th, 2004


The agreement allows the Academy to use some 15 financial and executive training board certified designations worldwide while the Academy has agreed to abandon 2 older registered trademarks Chartered Financial Management Analyst CFMA & Financial Analyst.  The Academy Board of Standards had decided to abandon any disputed designations at issue so as to achieve this landmark trademark agreement.


The Academy's New Financial Analysis Designation will be Financial Analyst Designate FAD™ and CMA Chartered Market Analyst. This month, the older disputed AAFM Char. Fin. Mgt. Analyst Designation Trademark would be abandoned by AAFM at the request of the AIMR.
Because the Academy has reached agreement with AIMR ™ Worldwide, MFP Master Financial Professional™ and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™ Designations are designated for AAFM global use and will also become Worldwide Financial Designations under a similar agreement with the CFP™ Board this year.


The Academy and Board of Standards is an independent self regulatory financial board of standards with members in over 100 countries, but it was agreed that there would be no objection by AIMR™ of GAFM's Academy's use, registration or proliferation of 15 designations and brand marks including MFP Master Financial Professional and RFS Registered Financial Specialist™.
AIMR has also agreed to allow the Academy and Board of Standards to use the following trademarks without objection.


  1. RBA Registered Business Analyst
  2. MFM Master Financial Manager
  3. FAD Financial Analyst Designate
  4. MCA Master Corporate Analyst
  5. MAC Master Accredited Controller
  6. MFC Master Financial Controller
  7. MFP Master Financial Professional
  8. CAM Certified or Chartered Asset Manager
  9. RFS Registered Financial Specialist
  10. CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner
  11. CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager
  12. CWM Chartered Wealth Manager
  13. CRA Certified Risk Analyst
  14. CCF Certified in Corporate Finance
  15. Registered Market Analyst


Signing Ceremony would be held on Jan. 7th, 2004 All Rights Reserved 2004 - This Article may not be duplicated by anyone who is not a member of the the Academy XXXXXXX
Attorney and General Counsel Prof. G. S. Mentz, Esq. states, "This is a strategic Brand Recognition and Trademark Protection move by our Academy to be able to move aggressively in 2003-4 with expansion in China, Singaore, Malaysia, Thialand, and the EU countries."
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