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Qualifying Degrees

GAFM Approved Degree and Assessment Programs

  1. Approved Financial Analyst Degrees for AFA ® Accredited Financial Analyst  - Any License or Masters degree or higher degree in Finance, Math, Risk or Tax.  All ACBSP Accredited Degrees are recognized by legal agreement.
  2. Approved Management Accounting Degrees for AMA® Accredited Management Accountant  - Any CPA, Chartered Accountant or Masters in Accounting or Tax Degree holder.   All ACBSP Accredited Degrees are recognized by legal agreement.
  3. Approved Management Consulting Degrees for AMC® Accredited Management Consultant - Any Masters degree in Management or Organization Behavior.
  4. Approved Economics Degree Programs for ChE Chartered Economist ® - Any masters degree in Economics. All ACBSP Accredited Degrees are recognized by legal agreement.
  5. MFP Master Financial Planner ® - Any Nationally Accredited Finance Degree - All ACBSP Accredited Degrees are recognized by legal agreement.
  6.  CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ® - Take Trust Tax and Estates Law School Course(s) at: Law School or Texas A&M Law School.
  7. CRA Certified Risk Analyst  ® - Any Risk or Insurance degree holder may apply.
  8. All other Certifications such as: RFS, CAM, CPM, CMA, FAD, CIPM or others , Submit Qualifying Resume or take the online accredited law school program. Call the Law School Staff at:
  9. CIPM® Certified International Project Manager ® Take a project management degree and pass all exams at an accredited college or university.

 ACBSP and AACSB nationally accredited degrees are recognized though mutual recognition articulations since 2004.

Qualifying Accredited Programs - Information

ACBSP Apply directly - Accredited Programs Worldwide - Management, Accounting and Finance Programs
AACSB Masters Degree Holders Apply Directly - Accredited Management, Accounting and Finance Programs
ABA Select ABA American Bar Association Accredited Programs
AABFS Arab Academy and Arab League Sanctioned Degree
EQUIS Apply Directly with Masters Degree - EFMD Accredited Masters Degree Programs
Pearson Pearson VUE Global Exams Worldwide - Take Exams in 20,000 locations
HLTI Higher Learning Training Institute or
Law School

Accredited Law School Masters Program -

Military Government and Military Apply Direct for Project Management Certifications
SCATC Securities and Commodities Agency - UAE Government

SIBE India Investment Regulators


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